My name is Benjamin Milton Rumble.
I provide graphic design & similar services.

Originally from the Great Plains, I relocated to Nashville in 2005 & made the East Side my home. In my decade+ years of freelance design, I’ve done just about everything under the sun, but I have extended experience In layout, illustration, imagery & advertising.

I believe CDs are underrated, I believe food is best in when it’s in dumpling form & I believe you should always use an ampersand whenever possible.



Universal Music Group

Bossa Beats Vol 1 Album Cover

I’ve worked with folks at Universal Music Group on a ton of projects - from murals to animation design - but most of the work I’ve done is for their streaming services. This gave me the opportunity to create campaigns and assets for Verve Records, The Rolling Stones & The Beatles, to name a few.

Bird 100
The Rolling Stones R&B
The Rolling Stones Country
The Rolling Stones Turning Blue
Lotown GifThe Beatles Songs for Mindfulness Concept
DMX X is comingDMX X is coming
Shabaka Impulse Design


Universal Music Group

Bird 100The Beatles PL Cover

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The Rolling Stones R&BThe Rolling Stones CountryThe Rolling Stones Turning Blue
DMX X is comingDMX X is coming
Lotown GifVocal JazzThe Beatles Songs for Mindfulness Concept
Bokujo - Logo
Bokujo - Cowju
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Bokujo, meaning "ranch" in Japanese, is a beef-based ramen shop from Food Network chef Justin Warner.  The design was intended to represent the American Western-inspired Japanese menu, as well as Justin’s nerdy sensibilities. Cowboy hats, halftones & Kaiju fit like a glove.
Bokujo - Barbed Chopstick
Bokujo - Cactus Lantern
Bokujo - Ramen Lasso
Bokujo - Fishcake Boot
Bokujo - Neon


For 10 years, I have handled the layout for The Nashvillian (previously The East Nashvillian). A citywide publication focusing on the habitats, hangouts & happenings of Nashville, Tennessee. I've tried to keep the magazine modern, with a focus on approachability & readability. I’ve enjoyed designing covers featuring rad people like Margo Price & Brittney Howard.
The East Nashvillian - Star OpenerThe East Nashvillian - Star in the EastThe East Nashvillian - Bold SpreadThe East Nashvillian - Bold SpreadThe East Nashvillian - BoldThe East Nashvillian - Looks Good on YouThe East Nashvillian - Feeling the ElephantThe East Nashvillian - Lawrence

Poster Work


As a lifelong devotee of live music, I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with incredible live venues and artists on illustrations. Each piece of specialized, hand-printed artwork is designed to capture the feeling of the band, venue or event.
Margo Price Poster The Caverns
Odds & Ends
I’ve worked with a lot of cool folks on a lot of cool things, so here’s a few more for the road:
Alice Coltrane Illustrations A

Alice Cotrane

Illustrations for Spotify Storylines
Alice Coltrane Illustrations B

Dancin' in
the District

Festival Branding
Dancin in the District Polaroid B
Dancin in the District Logo
Dancin in the District Polaroid A

Non Profit

Branding & Other Designs
Awake design concept
Good Trouble Logo
Nashville Grown Concept
Historic Madison
Big Cousins BBBS
We are East Nashville Together
Drew Holcomb Poster The Caverns
Dude I'm a Giraffe - Book Cover
EN Cover


Some of my favorite ideas that didn't go the way I wanted.
Live Long and Party